Pike Season Opener in Southern Ontario

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The Greater Toronto Area is home to many species of sought after gamefish. Within the Lake Ontario waterfront portion of Canada's most populated region, trout and salmon reign supreme among elite anglers - thanks in no small part to the influx of over one million of these salmonids that are stocked annually by MNR. Rivers from the Ganaraska in the east to the Credit and Bronte in the west offer these anglers remarkable fishing opportunities. Further north well outside of the GTA ... rivers such as the Nottawasaga, Saugeen and Syndenham also produce. This spring has been no exception ... especially with delayed rainbow runs that provided remarkable fishing opportunities even on the regular trout opener (last Saturday in April) for fishing enthusiasts.

Ah ... but what about all the waterbodies in-between like the lakes that don't have those adipose finned fish ... what big, hard fighting fish can us everyday anglers fish for now that the trout opener is behind us?

Well just like throughout most of northern Ontario, the southern parts of our vast province hold some remarkable pike waters. Lakes such as Canal, Balsam, Simcoe, Couchiching, Sparrow, St John, Gloucester, Island and Bellwood are just some examples of where great pike fishing is available within easy reach of GTA anglers. In fact, they are all within a couple of hours of Toronto Outdoors Store.* Even more exciting is that the traditional opener ... the 2nd Saturday in May, marks the start of the spring pike season- one of the most exciting times of the whole year to chase these toothy waterwolves and the store not only has the bait and tackle to hook you up, but the expertise and latest scoop to offer you invaluable one-on-one advice when you visit the store.

Our 2nd Saturday in May Opener for many anglers marks the first time in six months that their boats have hit the water or their lines have been cast. SPRING IS HERE! So let's go pike fishing and here are some tips that will help you catch more of these top gamefish this spring.


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